03/21/2013 10:22 am ET Updated Mar 22, 2013

'Arrested Development' Documentary Movie Hits Kickstarter For Additional Funds (VIDEO)

Anything Veronica Mars can do, the Bluth family can do better? Filmmakers Jeff Smith and Neil Lieberman hit Kickstarter on Monday in search of $20,000 in funds to complete a years-long documentary project on "Arrested Development."

Featuring interviews from creator Mitch Hurwitz, producer Ron Howard and stars Will Arnett, David Cross, Portia De Rossi and Jason Bateman, this "Arrested Development" documentary isn't necessarily the "Arrested Development" movie fans wanted, but it could be the one they deserve. Here's why, via the official Kickstarter page:

The overall goal of this documentary is to provide awareness of this brilliant, witty and original comedy that is like nothing else. We started by reaching out to Arrested fans on social networks, and the response was encouraging. We interviewed Arrested fans in and around Los Angeles, where we live. Then we were off to San Francisco, Seattle, Phoenix (even though Lucille "would rather be dead in California, than alive in Arizona”) and Dallas. We headed Eastward to Omaha, Kansas City, Detroit, New York City, Boston (home of the first analyst-therapist), then Raleigh/Durham. We even visited "wee" London, Ontario. Finally, we went back to Los Angeles for interviews with the cast, crew and other industry players to find out the story behind the story of Arrested.

The "Arrested Development" documentary was put together over the course of five years and is almost complete; Smith and Lieberman took to Kickstarter to raise money to acquire photo rights from Twentieth Century Fox, the studio behind the first three seasons of "Arrested Development."

"These photos are extremely relevant to the story, and we can’t move forward with the release of the documentary until our fees are paid to the network," the filmmakers noted.

Through Thursday, March 21 at 10:05 a.m. EDT, "The Arrested Development Documentary Project" has earned $6,184. There are still 27 days to go for Smith and Lieberman to reach their stated goal.

Should everything work out, the film could arrive via digital platforms in May before a DVD and Blu-ray release in June. New episodes of "Arrested Development" will arrive on Netflix in May.

For more, head over to Kickstarter.

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