03/21/2013 06:16 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

CNN Holograms North Korean Missile Phallus On Unsuspecting Tom Foreman

CNN loves their "holograms," and they absolutely refuse to stop using them, despite the fact that their own on-air talent mocks these terrible, terrible things.

Which is too bad, because this segment on Jake Tapper's new show concerning the North Korea missile threat tweaked all of my juvenile joy-buzzers when an animated North Korean missle ended up superimposed against the crotch region of reporter Tom Foreman, who was standing in what appears to be CNN's "news holodeck."

cnn hologram missile dong

"Remember that big launch they had...when they managed to put a multi-stage missile up into space? That was a really big deal for [North Korea]," Foreman helpfully explained. "It's still kind of experimental, and doesn't suggest they can do those really long launches. But they have lower grade missiles, the Taepodong series, which could possibly carry a small nuke, certainly conventional warheads, for the distance we're talking about, Jake."

I'll say that's a type o' dong all right! Well, kudos to Foreman for just going with it. But, again, there's no real need to superimpose a hologram of a missile like that, CNN. You don't need to do that.

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