03/21/2013 03:13 pm ET

Will Ferrell Once Performed For O.J. Simpson Trial Jury While With The Groundlings

On the most recent episode of the podcast "By the Way: In Conversation with Jeff Garlin," Will Ferrell told a story about his weirdest gig ever: The time he performed a comedy show for members of the O.J. Simpson murder trial jury.

"When I was at the Groundlings Theater right down here on Melrose, we were in the show at the time during the O.J. trial," Ferrell recounted. "As everyone remembers, the jury was sequestered, they couldn't go anywhere. So we performed for the O.J. jury in a courtroom. We did sketch comedy to 12 people. Which is really hard to do."

Sure, Ferrell could be pulling our leg, but he seems to be serious in the interview. Also, the dates check out: He was part of the Groundlings immediately before joining "Saturday Night Live" in the fall of 1995, and the trial lasted between January and October of the same year.

So what was the jury's reaction? "They politely laughed. It was awkward. [We were in] a brightly lit courtroom in the middle of the day."

There you have it, folks. In his own small way, Will Ferrell could have influenced the O.J. Simpson trial.



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