03/22/2013 05:33 am ET

'What Not To Wear': Former Pageant Queen Has Style Trick Involving A Rubber Band (VIDEO)

A former beauty queen turned pageant coach took center stage on "What Not to Wear." Nakiya knew a lot about beauty, but seemed to have lost all sense of style with her own look. Well, she did have one styling trick, but Clinton Kelly and Stacy London found it "terrifying."

"We have never seen that, have we?" Stacy said.

"Is that a rubber band?” Clinton asked.

Nakiya was using a rubber band to hold her pants together. Luckily, Nakiya was open to the process and really enjoyed embracing her curvier figure and finding her "inner pageant queen" again. She said she now looks like a pageant coach, and enjoys the compliments she gets from her students.

And apparently she's still enjoying the makeover process. Nakiya Tweeted during the show that she was cracking herself up on television.

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