03/23/2013 09:45 am ET

Celebrity Week In Review: Lindsay Lohan's Plea Deal, Lil Wayne's Health Scare And More (PHOTOS)

Lindsay Lohan was the headlining name in celebrity news this week as the 26-year-old actress was sentenced to 90 days in locked-down rehab in lieu of jail time on Monday, March 18.

But Lohan may actually be heading behind bars, considering TMZ is reporting that there is no such treatment facility that offers a locked-down program in New York City, where Lohan is completing her sentence. We'll have to wait and see.

Also this week, Lil Wayne suffered numerous seizures and was hospitalized for several days. Although TMZ claimed he was on his death bed, it turns out the rapper is recovering and will reportedly be fine.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Carnie Wilson also had health scares recently, with Gwyneth revealing she had a miscarriage during her pregnancy with her third child and Carnie confessing that she has Bell's palsy.

Also this week, Katie Holmes says she might be making a career change, Rihanna's tour bus was busted for drugs, Jon Hamm's "impressive anatomy" caused friction on "Mad Men" set and Miley Cyrus slipped her engagement ring back on.

Check out the best photos of the week below:



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