03/25/2013 02:24 pm ET Updated Mar 26, 2013

'Survivor' France Contestant Gerald Babin Dies, Season Canceled

Tragedy struck "Survivor's" French adaptation "Koh Lanta" Friday, March 22 when 25-year-old contestant Gerald Babin died after suffering a heart attack during "shipwreck" challenge that also included a tug of war in Cambodia.

The show was immediately canceled for the season as Channel TF1 and Adventure Line Productions flew the contestants back from Cambodia to Paris over the weekend. Neither the network nor the production company has yet said whether they plan to continue "Koh Lanta" for future seasons.

According to THR, Babin began to complain about pain in his arms after the contestants jumped out of a boat, swam to shore and engaged in a tug-of-war. He received medical attention from the show's doctor on the scene and was airlifted to a hospital, but suffered a series of cardiac arrests in the helicopter before they could get there.

The network and production company released a joint statement reacting to the sad news. “Adventure Line Productions, TF1 and [host] Denis Broginart are devastated and join in the profound sadness of Gerald’s family.”



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