03/25/2013 02:05 pm ET Updated Mar 25, 2013

'The Following': Nico Tortorella On Jacob's Bloodthirsty Quest For Revenge

The last episode of "The Following" (Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Fox) saw Nico Tortorella's Jacob finally take a life -- but it cost him Paul (Adan Canto), one of "the two people he loves most in the world."

Now, feeling betrayed by girlfriend Emma (Valorie Curry) and wanted by the FBI, Tortorella says Jacob is "out for revenge" and looking to climb the ranks of Joe Carroll's (James Purefoy) followers by any means necessary. Read on for HufPost TV's interview with Tortorella.

Jacob is now officially a killer, but it meant losing Paul. How will that choice affect him in the coming episodes?
He's definitely out for revenge now -- the two people he loves most in the world besides Joe Carroll, one of them's dead and the other one stabbed him in the back, so he's got blood on his hands and he's ready for more.

Now that he has actually killed, is he going to be able to do it again, or will it still be something he struggles with?
He is willing and able to be a follower to Joe Carroll at this point, whatever that means.

His relationship with Emma is obviously strained. What angers him most about her leaving them behind?
Just that she didn't say anything. She had every opportunity to answer her phone, to reach out, and to let us know what she was doing, and she just decides not to because all of a sudden she's with Joe Carroll and we don't mean as much to her as we initially did. I think that's what really bugs Jacob the most.

Will they be able to salvage their relationship?
It has its ups and downs ...

How's he going to feel when he finds out that Emma slept with Joe?
I don't think it's too far-fetched in his mind that something like that would happen. He knows that Joe comes first and Jacob doesn't really differentiate sex with love. It definitely goes down and there's something that happens, but it's not something that's like, "Oh wow, so shocking."

One of the promotional clips shows Joe asking Jacob to forgive Emma. How does Jacob feel about having to follow orders again when he and Emma and Paul got to be on their own for so long without having to answer to anyone?
At this point, Jacob's mission is to follow Joe, whatever that means. It's not about Emma, it's not about Roderick [Warren Kole], it's not even about Paul anymore. He realizes it's about him growing up in this world and becoming the man that everybody thinks that he is.

Emma doesn't exactly like Roderick, but he was the one who brought Jacob in. So how does Jacob feel about him?
Jacob definitely understands that Roderick is second in command. He understands the hierarchy, but at the same point, it's two strong-willed men who follow Joe Carroll so there's bound to be tension.

It's a huge house with a lot of people all vying for Joe's attention. Will Jacob struggle with figuring out how he fits in?
His place fits pretty well. The only struggle that he has is with his own self rather than fitting in with the community.

Although Paul is dead, the show features flashbacks, so will we see more scenes between you and Adan?
We may ...

What else can you preview about Jacob's arc going forward?
Jacob's just out for revenge, he's out for acceptance in this world and he's out to climb the ranks.

"The Following" airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Fox.

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