03/25/2013 11:21 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Three Style Tips For Women In The Workplace, From Nicole Williams (VIDEO)

You can do the job, but do you look the part? Career expert Nicole Williams came by Mondays With Marlo and gave us three tips for looking stylish in the workplace. Start by wearing clothes that fit you. For younger ladies, this means not dressing too provocatively. For older gals, skip the frumpy too-big clothes. You want to dress for your age and make sure people notice you for your brains, not your outfits.

Nicole's second trick is to dress for the role you're aspiring to. Even if you're lower on the career ladder than you'd like to be, with stores like H&M and Target selling great business clothes at low prices, there's no reason not to dress for the job you want. And finally, don't skip the small details. Finally, keep your appearance neat -- avoiding roots in your hair, shining your shoes, organizing your purse -- all speak volumes about how seriously you take yourself -- and your job.

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Get ahead at work and in life with Nicole's top career tips for women:

Nicole Williams' Career Tips

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