03/25/2013 07:42 am ET

Your Week In Entertainment: What HuffPost Readers Are Looking Forward To

We do a lot of reading and writing here at HuffPost Entertainment, and though we're tuned-in to your many tweets and comments, there are times we find ourselves wondering what you're really looking forward to this week.

That's why Entertainment Editor Kia Makarechi sent out a simple tweet and asked you, our readers, what entertainment "thing" you're most excited about. Is it a movie? An art show? A TV finale or premiere?

Many of you answered, and we've culled your responses in the gallery below. We did some pruning, as some of you tweeted at us to share the news of birthdays, work schedule changes or other events that the rest of us can't really join.

For the record, Kia's looking forward to catching Questlove, Danyel Smith and Toure at their discussion of all things Prince at the midtown Manhattan Hilton's penthouse on Tuesday at 7 pm.

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