03/26/2013 02:00 pm ET

Celia Renteria, 9-Year-Old Girl Who Hiked To Help Dad, Tells Of Her Ordeal (VIDEO)

Celia Renteria is in the hospital recovering from her injuries after hiking in the dark through rough terrain to get help for her father after their car accident.

The 9-year-old girl detailed her quest to get help for Alejandro Renteria, her dad, in an interview from her hospital bed.

"I climbed out the window and I went to look at the farmer's house to see if someone was there," she said softly.

"I climbed the top of the other mountain and I was waving my hands," she continued. "A girl found me. She called 911."

Celia Renteria's family is proud of the fortitude she showed as she hiked a mile to get help for her father. But they're also battling their grief over Alejandro Renteria's death. Several family members shared with KTLA that Alejandro Renteria, 35, was a former gang member and addict, as well as a cancer survivor. According to them, he had turned his life around and had just gained custody of Celia Renteria before the accident.

The pair had been driving through the Sierra Highway in Acton when the car plunged 200 feet down an embankment Sunday around 1 a.m., reports the Associated Press. Authorities are investigating to see if Alejandro Renteria was under the influence before he crashed.



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