03/26/2013 12:38 pm ET Updated Mar 28, 2013

Gwen Gayden Finds Thousands Of Bees Attached To Truck Outside Houston, Texas Home (VIDEO)

A woman was held hostage in her own home after about 8,000 honey bees swarmed her truck's tire on Saturday.

"I was afraid the bees would attack," Grayden said. "I'm afraid to even open that door!"

Gwen Gayden, from Houston, Tex., was finally rescued by bee expert Michael Sexton, who KHOU 11 News called after Gayden contacted them. She told the station that she'd already called Animal Control and other agencies but received no help.

Sexton, "the Pet Guru," gathered most of the bees into a cardboard box and left to find them a new home. According to him, when bee colonies overcrowd, swarms look for new homes. In Gayden's case, the insects were attracted to her truck's maroon color.

"It takes 500 bees to equal the venom of a rattlesnake bite," Saxton told KHOU. That means that Gayden's 8,000 bees could hypothetically produce 16 snakebites' worth of venom.

Honeybees seem like a walk in the park, though, when compared to "Africanized" bees -- colloquially called "killer bees." In March, 100,000 of these notoriously aggressive insects attacked two Picnic Island Park workers in Florida.

Meanwhile, in Washington an uprising in "zombie bees" -- insects infected with a parasite that makes them fly erratically at night -- occurred in late 2012.




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