03/26/2013 04:53 pm ET Updated Apr 02, 2013

'James Brown: Get On The Good Foot' Set To Premiere At The Apollo


This fall James Brown will make his return to the world famous Apollo Theater stage as part of the forthcoming production in honor of the Godfather of Soul titled, “Get on the Good Foot-A Celebration in Dance.”

The special commemorative evening, which is in conjunction with the city of Lafayette, Louisana, will highlight Brown’s cultural influences through original dance routines provided by the Philadelphia Dance Company and produced by acclaimed choreographer, Otis Sallid.

“The intention is to bring a unique and individual perspective to the music and the dance of the legendary soul singer James Brown, while examining a worldview of the music, the man and his international impact on contemporary culture and society,” Sallid said in a press release. “Through the medium of dance, we will define and redefine, reflect, and bring insight to this extraordinary performer who changed the face of music forever.”

“James Brown gave more than 200 performances at the Apollo,” added Apollo Executive Producer Mikki Shepard. “On our stage and others, he created a performance lexicon that has helped people around the globe express themselves—in music, in dance, and in myriad other ways.”

“It is nearly impossible to imagine contemporary world music without James Brown, so strong was his effect on funk, soul, R & B, jazz, pop, rock, and rap. There isn’t a place on the planet where his influence doesn’t reach, and we’re proud to say it can be traced back to Harlem and with this new production at the Apollo we are helping to keep his spirit alive.”

In addition to the October 22 premiere, a national tour of “James Brown: Get on the Good Foot -A Celebration in Dance” is also set to kick off later this year.



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