03/27/2013 07:04 pm ET Updated Mar 27, 2013

Cate Edwards On John Edwards Affair: 'I Was Devastated. And I Was Disappointed'

John Edwards' eldest daughter is speaking out for the first time since her father's trial over alleged campaign finance violations.

In an interview set to air Friday on NBC's "Today" and "Rock Center with Brian Williams," Cate Edwards opens up about her feelings when she found out about her dad's affair with Rielle Hunter.

"I guess he and my mom decided that that was, you know, how it needed to be done," she told NBC. "So yeah, I was devastated. And I was disappointed. I mean, these are my parents."

Last May, John Edwards' campaign finance case was declared a mistrial when jurors were unable to pinpoint if he used donors' money to mask his pregnant mistress. The trial did lift Edwards' affair with Hunter into the public eye -- relations that took place while his wife, Elizabeth Edwards, was ill with cancer. She died in December 2010 at age 61.

"I don't think God's through with me," Edwards said after the mistrial. "I really believe he thinks there's still some good things I can do."

Hunter published a tell-all book that was released in June, entitled "What Really Happened: John Edwards, Our Daughter and Me." Among the topics addressed were Hunter's views on Edwards' parenting of their daughter, Quinn, as well as his thoughts during his trial.

From the Associated Press:

Days before his indictment Hunter asked: "So if you went to jail, what kind of jail would it be? One of those country clubs?"

"He said, 'Yeah.'"

"'Where?'" she asked.

"'Probably Virginia.'"

"So Quinn and I will move to Virginia. Virginia is a great state."

The only low-security federal prison in Virginia is in Petersburg, where former Washington, D.C., mayor Marion Barry once served time.



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