03/27/2013 09:11 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Coava Kone Stainless Steel Coffee Filter: Extravagant Or Brilliant? (PHOTO)


Our inevitable march toward ultimate coffee nerd-dom has already brought us into ownership of a Chemex, the beautiful glass coffee-making vessel that is the method of choice for many brewhouses these days. Recently, we stumbled upon a pour-over coffee accessory that left even our Chemex-loving mouths agape. Meet the Coava Kone coffee filter -- a stainless steel, reusable coffee filter that comes with a $60 price tag. Yes, mouths agape.

But, once we thought about it for a minute, it started to make sense. For one thing, think of all the paper we use every day in coffee filters alone. Even traditional drip coffeemakers have started to include reusable mesh versions. And, while $60 is a pretty hefty amount for a coffee filter, we have to imagine that you if you already own a Chemex, which are $34 - $43 themselves, you're willing to spend a premium for the perfect cup of coffee. (Even we will admit that a filter twice the price of the coffeemaker feels a little foolish, though.)

coava kone

Supposedly, the stainless steel allows more of the coffee's natural oils to come through, making for a fuller-bodied cup. We're still not quite convinced, but would love to hear from fellow coffee nerds if they think this is worth the price. The Coava Kone is available on Coava's website, as well as on the Fancy.

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