03/27/2013 07:36 am ET

'Cougar Town': Shirley Jones Moves In, But Isn't Too Impressed With The Cul De Sac Crew (VIDEO)

Shirley Jones joined the cul de sac crew -- albeit briefly -- on the latest episode of "Cougar Town." Jules convinced her and her husband to buy Grayson's house across the street. Jules, Grayson and Ellie quickly found that they loved the elderly lifestyle and started to embrace the early bedtimes and dinners.

But that's not why Shirley's character moved to the neighborhood. As she explained to Jules, "We came here to be around young people, and you seem to have already given up. I mean, you barely leave the cul de sac."

Jules referenced last week, saying that her husband made her play dodge ball and she got hit in the face. "You leave the house, you get hit in the face," she lamented. That statement proved prophetic when she joined Travis for a Penny Can tournament and Jules got hit in the face again.

Jones is making the sitcom rounds, appearing on the season finale of "Raising Hope" this Thursday. There may be room for her on "Cougar Town" as well. The show just got picked up by TBS for a fifth season.

Stay in the cul de sac where it's safe by watching "Cougar Town" every Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET on TBS.

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