03/29/2013 04:27 pm ET

In One Chart 'Outliers'

Jonathan Chait says Obama "vastly overstates" the power of public opinion; Jonathan Bernstein says he's half right.

Harry Enten finds polls don't overestimate support for same-sex marriage referenda as much as they used to.

Nate Silver examines how opinions on gay marriage could change in the future.

Brendan Nyhan praises Craig Gilbert, "the most political science-friendly reporter in America."

Mark Mellman completes a two-column series examining different definitions of polarization (Part One found divisions in some respects, but not others)

David Hill ponders the non-partisan priority of job creation.

John Sides catches a time when Tom Coburn opposed Congressional micromanaging of scientific research.

Seth Masket explains to Congress what political science actually does.

All coffee in one chart.

"In one chart," in one chart.