03/27/2013 09:01 pm ET

San Francisco Exploratorium: A New Museum With Some Old Favorites

When the Exploratorium closed its doors in January, it signified the end of an era for the Palace of Fine Arts, its home for nearly 44 years.

But the future looks bigger and brighter for the city's most famous interactive museum, which will open its massive, $300 million new space to the public on April 17.

In advance of its unveiling, officials have given us a peek at some of the exhibits in store. Old favorites, like the wind-activated harp and the working model of a natural geyser, will share space with fresh offerings, such as a 330-year-old fir tree and a giant, fun house-style mirror.

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Exploratorium Exhibits

The Exploratorium's new complex, located on Pier 15, spans a staggering 300,000 square feet and will feature some 600 indoor and outdoor exhibits. Only fitting for one of the world's premiere science and activity centers.

Oh, and it will also be the most energy-efficient institute on earth. So there's that.

"The scale of our new home on Pier 15 will not only allow us to welcome a magnitude of new visitors," said Executive Director Dennis M. Bartels in a release earlier this year, "but also broaden our impact around the world by developing new experiences that make science accessible to all."

Mr. Bartels, we're counting down the days until we can play with all your cool toys.