03/28/2013 02:38 pm ET

Celebrity Slang: Are You Familiar With Twerking, Sizzurp And Selfies?

Last week, Miley Cyrus surprised and delighted fans when she shared a video of herself "twerking" in a unicorn onesie ... which, for some, prompted the pertinent question, what exactly is twerking? And as Lil Wayne's health scare has dominated recent headlines, many were similarly baffled when the rapper's multiple seizures were attributed to his consumption of "sizzurp." Well, in case you need a cheat sheet on celebrity slang, we've got you covered.

TWERK (verb). To rigorously dance, using your butt especially.
See: Miley Cyrus

SIZZURP (noun). Prescription-strength codeine/promethazine cough syrup, mixed with dissolved Jolly Ranchers and soda, often served in Styrofoam cups. Also known as "purple drank."
See: Lil Wayne

SELFIE (noun). A picture taken of oneself shared on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other social-networking sites.
See: Amanda Bynes

WHIP-IT (noun). Canister filled with nitrous oxide inhaled recreationally for a brief high.
See: Demi Moore

YOLO (interjection). Carpe diem.
See: Drake

SWAG (noun). Used as an expression of cool, style or arrogance.
See: Justin Bieber

JEAH (interjection). To be happy or to be good, used roughly in the same context as "yeah."
See: Ryan Lochte

JONESING (verb). To crave or desire something greatly, to essentially want to have what the "Joneses" have.
See: Rihanna

THROW SHADE (verb). To insult someone, especially in a haughty or condescending manner.
See: RuPaul

KIKI (noun). A party, often sexual or wild in nature.
See: The Scissor Sisters

REALNESS (noun). Emphasis on something cool, or the new "fierce."
See: RuPaul

DEUCES (noun). Used as an expression of parting, simultaneously while raising two fingers on each hand to form a peace sign.
See: Chris Brown



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