03/28/2013 06:53 pm ET

Highland Trouveres One Take Video: High School Choir Dances To Pop Music Mash-Up In Continuous Shot

Does it get any cooler than this?

Forty-eight high school students (and one choir teacher) have choreographed and performed an 8-minute dance routine in a single continuous shot.

Created by the Highland Trouveres, the one-take video follows the student choir around Idaho's Highland Senior High School as members dance and lip-synch to a pop music mash-up that includes some of the year's biggest hits.

Highland seniors Ben Fisher and Bryton Nield directed and filmed the sprawling dance number that took about a month to put together.

Speaking to The Huffington Post, Fischer said he came up with idea after his sister-in-law shared a clip of her entire school dancing in a similar music video. From there, it was just a matter of logistics -- determining the camera's path through the school hallways and assigning specific parts to students.

"It took a few practice takes," Fischer told HuffPost, adding that it didn't take nearly as long as he imagined. "We had only done it a few times, and the fifth one could have worked for the final draft."

However, the Highland Trouveres did not stop there. Members improved the routine during each additional run-through. Fisher estimates that he and Nield shot between eight and 10 takes in total.

After slightly editing the footage, Fischer posted the Highland Trouveres' one-take video to a Youtube channel he shares with several friends. The video gained notoriety after it was shared on Reddit Wednesday.

Though Fischer said a few of the students imagined it could become popular on Youtube, he confessed that he never expected the video to get so many views.

Watch the Highland Trouveres' one-take video for yourself above, and check out the gallery below to see other amazing high school lip-dubs.



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