03/28/2013 08:21 am ET

'Nashville': Juliette Starts Making Amends, Apologizes To Her Mother (VIDEO)

Juliette actually came out from behind her shield of anger and took some ownership to the mistakes in her life on "Nashville." It was a combination of the genuine remorse her mother felt for ruining her birthday, and the wake-up call Rayna gave her after Rayna's daughter was injured at an event because Juliette encouraged all of her fans to show up, leading to a mini-riot breaking out.

During an earlier session, Jolene had insisted that Juliette ignored her outside of a concert and Juliette denied it with anger -- of course. Later, she opened up and apologized. She had seen her mother, but had been too embarrassed by her to acknowledge it. She then invited both Jolene and Dante, who'd been working with Jolene on her recovery, to join her on tour.

"You could be her sober companion, or traveling shrink. Whatever. Maybe mine, too," she said.

Could this be the beginning of the massive wake-up call Juliette has been needing since the pilot? TVLine wasn't sure if it was a good idea to bring those two along on the tour. BuddyTV was worried as well, fearing that Juliette would fall for him as she does with other men in the past.

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