03/28/2013 05:41 am ET Updated Mar 28, 2013

'The Real World: Portland' Premiere: Avery And Anastasia Bond Over Alcoholic Fathers (VIDEO)

It's been a long time since "The Real World" first entered our lives, and a lot has changed in that time. Reality television has become a dominant TV genre, and "The Real World" has evolved to match its more sensational approach. "The Real World: Portland" looks to continue that tradition of conflict, wild behavior and general rowdiness.

In the premiere, though, it was all about meeting new people and finding common ground to establish their relationships. For Anastasia and Avery, their common ground proved rather unusual. Things started off normally enough, with both learning that they're from Michigan.

"I don’t have, like, a father in my life," Anastasia said. Neither did Avery. But then came the kicker. "My real dad is, like, an alcoholic," revealed Anastasia.

"So is mine! High five! Yes!” Avery said excitedly. And they actually high-fived over alcoholic fathers. Poor Jordan seemed dejected to not have an alcoholic father back home.

Based on the promo alone, The Stir decided they wouldn't be tuning in, writing that "'The Real World' is virtually indistinguishable from 'Jersey Shore.'" The Washington Times agreed, wondering what happened to the show. "When ‘The Real World’ first aired way back in 1992 it was applauded for its exploration of contemporary problems familiar to its core audience," they wrote. "These days ... the cast is nudged towards conflict and encouraged to air their grievances about fellow housemates."

"The Real World" may have lost its soul, but it hasn't lost its audience or appeal. "The Real World: Portland" continues on Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on MTV.

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