03/29/2013 03:39 pm ET

Easter Bunnies, Rabbits And Other Pets Require Responsible Care (PHOTOS)

It's almost Easter, and for little kids everywhere that means a lot of Peeps, a few dozen brightly colored eggs and a whole lot of bunnies. Easter bunnies, stuffed bunnies, chocolate bunnies and inevitably, live bunnies.

While bunnies and chicks may be cute, like any other pet they grow up into adult rabbits and chickens that can get expensive and require lots of attention. Thousands of the creatures end up abandoned at shelters after the novelty wears off and responsibility sets in, according to the ASPCA.

Did you know rabbits can live up to 15 years and should reside indoors, or that ducks poop every 15 minutes and chickens need a proper coop to regularly lay eggs?

There is some good news though -- holiday pet rentals have risen in popularity over the past few years and more awareness has allowed people to plan before undertaking the ownership of a new pet.

Be sure to celebrate Easter responsibly. If you do care for a rabbit, share a photo of your pet below.

Silly Rabbit, It's Easter!