03/29/2013 07:43 am ET

Kristin Chenoweth Asked To Explain Pic Of Her And 'Bachelor' Jake Pavelka On 'Kathy' (VIDEO)

Kristin Chenoweth got a little flustered playing Kathy Griffin's game, "Explain This," on "Kathy." The premise of the game is pretty simple. Griffin puts up a potentially embarrassing photo of her guest and then asks them to -- well, explain this. In Chenoweth's case it was a picture of her and former "Bachelor" Jake Pavelka laughing together.

Her initial reaction was censored, but also pretty clear. She said, "Oh sh*t!"

"Thanks for bringing it up, Kathy," Chenoweth said of the time she was with Pavelka. According to Us Weekly, Chenoweth and Pavelka dated from late 2012 until as recently as last month. But she wouldn't badmouth him. "He’s a very nice man," she said.

Chenoweth has apparently already moved on, though there aren't any public photos just yet. In fact, while she talked about her new boyfriend on "The Tonight Show" Wednesday night, she's not naming any names.

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