03/31/2013 11:07 am ET

State Trooper Eddie Vayan's Incredible Dedication to Newtown Family (VIDEO)

One state trooper has become the greatest source of support to a Newtown family affected by the Sandy Hook shooting.

On the day of the tragic shootings, each family was assigned a Connecticut state trooper to act as its guardian through the ordeal. In the three months since, trooper Eddie Vayan has continued to honor his duty to the Hubbard family who lost their little girl Catherine on that December morning.

CBS interviewed the Hubbard family and the faithful officer who has supported them from day one.

"It's the kindness in him that goes far beyond what anybody could ever expect," mother Jenny Hubbard said in the interview.

Vayan and his fellow troopers were instructed to protect the families' privacy and help them out in any way possible. "I'm here for whatever you need. I'm not going to leave your side," Eddie recalls telling the Hubbards when they met.

The trooper stayed with Jenny Hubbard and her son Freddy as news of Catherine's passing was confirmed. He also spared the parents from having to identify their daughter by doing it himself with the help of a photo.

"Freddy asked him if he would stand by Catherine's casket, after the wake in full uniform and he did," father Matthew Hubbard told CBS.

Vayan has since become like a big brother to Freddy, and his continued protection was a great comfort to the family when it came time to send their son back to school.

According to Vayan, his friendship with the Hubbard family will last for many years to come. "December 14th, 2012 is the worst day of my life, the most tragic day of my life, but being part of the Hubbards' has been the most honorable time of my life."



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