04/02/2013 11:13 am ET

Judith Kowaleski Allegedly Shoots Elizabeth Slagle After Their Kids Get In School Bus Fight

Police say a West Virginia mother fatally shot another mother after their children got in a fight.

Judith Kowaleski, 42, allegedly told investigators that her daughter had gotten into a dispute with the daughter of Elizabeth Slagle, also 42, during the school bus ride home on Thursday, CNHI News reported. Both girls are in elementary school.

State Police Sgt. M.D. Clemons said at a press conference that "the two little girls are friends" and that one had kicked the other on the bus.

Police say Slagle had called Kowaleski and sent her multiple angry text messages. Kowaleski and her aunt, Barbra Harrington, ended up meeting with Slagle around 9 p.m. at an intersection in the town of Brushfork.

A bystander told police that after the three woman convened, Slagle "Tased" Kowaleski and Harrington, WVVA reported, and a Taser was later found at the scene.

Kowaleski, who had brought a handgun with her to the meeting, allegedly stated that Slagle attacked her, and the gun discharged when she was trying to get Slagle off of her.

Slagle died after taking a bullet to the chest. Kowaleski and Harrington were attempting to give Slagle CPR when authorities arrived at the scene.

Kowaleski has been charged with first-degree murder, according to the AP, and is being held without bail.



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