04/04/2013 05:54 pm ET Updated Apr 04, 2013 App Review: Mobile Version Of Wedding Site Is Easy To Use

For brides-to-be who can't get enough of wedding planning search engine, you're in luck. is now available for iPhone.

On Thursday, launched its first mobile app, available for free in the iTunes App Store. The app is intended to complement the website, which allows users to browse images of dresses, flowers, cake and more (curated from wedding blogs), and save them in categories called "bundles."

We tested out the new app for the iPhone. Read on to find out what we thought.

"Loving" And "Bundling" Images

After downloading the app, you're prompted to sign in or register. Then, you can use the app virtually in the same way you would use the website: browse the "featured" images and bundles, or click the "Explore" tab to browse images by category or color. You can also search for images by keyword.

If you see an image you like, click the "love" icon to save it, or click the "+" sign to add it to an existing bundle or create a new bundle. Click the "share" icon to send the image via email, text message, Twitter or Facebook. Review your "loves" and bundles by clicking on the "Profile" tab. These basic functions are easy to navigate and operate in the same way as the website.

A Simpler Version Of The Website

The app features one major advantage over the website -- the ability to add your own photos to your bundles. Clicking the "Add" tab takes you directly to your phone's camera, making it easy to snap a shot when you're feeling inspired on-the-go.

However, a few online functions are missing from the app. There is no "Shop" feature, so you can't browse items that are available for purchase online. There is also no way to click over to the blogs the images were originally posted on, and you can't browse photos by vendor or photographer. Still, none of these missing features detract from the overall mobile experience.

The bottom line: The app is a slightly simpler, more mobile-friendly version of the original website, and we love it for wedding planning on-the-go.

Check out images featured on in the slideshow below.


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