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Shakira In 'The Voice': Colombian Star Adds A Latin Twist And Shakes Up Singing Competition

With the new season of “The Voice” just kicking off, the competition couldn’t be more exciting. The chemistry between all four judges—Shakira, Adam Levine, Usher and Blake Shelton—is inevitable. This is, in my opinion, the greatest season yet!

Already in its second week of blind auditions, the judges are determined to get the contestants they think deserve to be on their team and are not shy when it comes to fighting for it. Adam and Blake, being the veterans, have a joking relationship, talking each other down in order to get the singer to choose the better coach. Shakira, being the only woman on the panel of judges, is already giving her Latina twist to the competition, even pulling out her native language, Spanish, to attract contestants to her team.

“I think the two new coaches are putting a serious kink in things,” Shelton told The Hollywood Reporter. “Shakira’s got her claws out; Usher’s over there with his leg up on his chair, being cool.”

Shakira adds a Latin twist to ‘The Voice’

Shakira has not only been able to convince the singers to choose her, but has also sometimes regretted not hitting the button. In this week’s auditions, a contestant named Karina Iglesias blew the judges away with her performance getting Adam and Blake to hit their buttons. When Shakira realized that Iglesias was a Latina with a powerful voice, she immediately regretted not pushing the shiny red button.

“Oh no! Why didn’t I push my button? I want to die!” Shakira said in Spanish while Adam kept trying to make a point.

“You can’t speak, no! Don’t you pull out your Spanish right now!” Adam told her but Shakira kept talking and he jokingly told her, “Cállate,” which means “Shut up!”

Adam immediately got up to give Shakira a hug as she mentioned that she probably deserved the tough love from her fellow judge.

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