04/05/2013 03:05 pm ET Updated Apr 05, 2013

Bob Woodward Still Not Over Al Gore Taking Him To Task Over Iraq Reporting

During a lecture at Youngstown State University on Thursday, the Washington Post's Bob Woodward described an encounter with former Vice President Al Gore as a "taxing" experience, The Vindicator reported.

"To be honest, it [was] unpleasant," Woodward said, repeating a swipe that he's taken at Gore in the past.

While addressing the crowd, Woodward reportedly told an anecdote about Gore, a former journalist himself, probing Woodward on his failure to press President George W. Bush and his administration more aggressively in the lead up to the war in Iraq.

Apparently still displeased with Gore's criticism, Woodward jabbed back on Thursday, referencing Gore's frequently misquoted claim that he invented the internet.

“He thinks he invented [reporting] also,” Woodward joked.

While Gore's critique is apparently still fresh in Woodward's mind, he himself admitted in an interview in February 2007 with PBS' "Frontline" that he could have pushed harder in regards to questioning the Bush administration's claims about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction.

“I think I dropped the ball here. I should have pushed much, much harder on the skepticism about the reality of WMD,” Woodward said.

[H/T Talking Points Memo]



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