04/05/2013 08:09 pm ET

Exxon Fake Twitter Account Mocks Response To Arkansas Spill

An Exxon parody Twitter account is tweeting fake public relations updates about the oil company's ruptured Pegasus pipeline, which spilled at least 84,000 gallons of heavy crude oil into residential streets in Mayflower, Ark., last week.

The account was inspired by @BPGlobalPR, a fake BP account that attracted tens of thousands of followers after the infamous Deepwater Horizon blowout. (The real BP Twitter account, @BP_America, has just 52,000 followers, compared with the parody account's 145,000.)

Though it only began tweeting Tuesday, the parody Exxon account @ExxonCares has garnered more than 600 followers and has sent tweets mocking the company's response to the spill. ExxonMobil has more than 34,000 real Twitter followers.

"A few days ago, my comedian/environmentalist/Arkansan friends and I created @exxoncares, an account dedicated to parodying Exxon's response to the incident in Arkansas," the fake account's co-founder told HuffPost in an email. "It is wholly inspired by @bpglobalpr."

The cause of the pipeline rupture remains under investigation. Arkansas Attorney General Dustin McDaniel has demanded that ExxonMobil produce documents related to the spill no later than April 10. Until then, this parody account is likely to be more forthcoming. A few of our favorite tweets are below.