Rent-A-Rican Is Back With Even More Puerto Rican's Stereotypes And Some Latino Flare (VIDEO)

First they were the perfect amusement for parties, and now Puerto Ricans can also be the best entertainers during life’s daily, boring routine if you want to book them through Rent-A-Rican.

Rent-A-Rican, a series of videos that parody the colorful personalities of Boricuas, has released a sequel with even more stereotypes in which an islander comes to the rescue of a guy with a flat tire, not to help him in the process of fixing his car, but to accompany him with music, dancing, beautiful ladies and some Latino flare.

The first version showed a group of young people bored to death in a living room, looking for something to liven the occasion, when suddenly a guy with a hat and some bongos heroically enters the room and brightens up the scene.

At the end of both videos, the Puerto Rican reminds you if you “rent” him now, he will make sure to “put the piña in your colada.”

Take a look at the video above and let us know what your take on it is below.



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