04/05/2013 09:27 am ET

Florida Driver's Windshield Impaled By Loose Lumber From Truck (VIDEO)

A man's windshield was impaled by a large piece of lumber Thursday when a truck's loose load came tumbling down on I-95 near Pompano Beach, reports WSVN.

The piece of wood was 15 feet long, according to CBS Miami.

The driver, Jeannot Menelas, was miraculously unharmed, and the truck driver was cited for not properly securing his load. Watch the video above.

The last week and a half has been a particular dangerous time to drive on South Florida roads.

One driver on the Dolphin Expressway fell asleep at the wheel, swerved, and had his car impaled by 20 feet of guardrail.

Another car with children inside burst into flames on I-95 when a motorcycle fell on it from the 595 ramp above.

And sadly, a driver fleeing police drove the wrong way on I-95 Wednesday morning, killing four passengers in a SUV in a head-on collision.



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