04/06/2013 12:50 pm ET

Dante And Elizabeth Corso Reunited With Bandit 13 Years After Cat Disappeared

A cat has clawed his way back into the hearts and home of the owners that lost him 13 years ago.

The Corsos lived in Las Vegas when their pet, Bandit, disappeared one day when he was let out of the house. Imagine the surprise of Elizabeth and Dante Corso to get a call in San Diego -- where they now live -- that Bandit had been found circling around in their old Vegas neighborhood.

A microchip implanted in the feline enabled someone at Bonanza Cat Hospital to find the 15-year-old cat's owners and get them all back together on April 4, according to KTNV.

“This cat here has an amazing story. Yeah, I wish I knew it. All of it; who he’s [been] with, where he’s been,” Elizabeth said to NBC San Diego.

Bandit moved into a veritable menagerie. The Corsos own 13 other animals, KPBS said.

One of the other pets is Bandit's brother Coot who was never the same after Bandit disappeared, according to KGTV.



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