04/07/2013 11:09 pm ET

Mad Men Twitter Reactions: How Women Reacted To The Season 6 Premiere

"Peggy Olson, you are the song in my heart." "If I ever start a riot grrrl band, I'm calling it Sally Draper."

When season 6 of "Mad Men" premiered on AMC Sunday night, women on Twitter were ready -- with lots to say about the female characters in particular. They cheered on Peggy, no longer overshadowed by brooding Don Draper's genius and moodiness, and a suddenly fully teen Sally Draper, who @DanielleInMA called "her spirit animal." They called out Don Draper on his muteness, Roger on his mommy issues and Joan on her near absence from the first episode, even though, as a result of a controversial decision last season, she's a full partner in the firm now. And then there was Megan's new acting career to talk about, and Betty's truly strange joke that Henry should sleep with Sally's 15-year-old friend.

Read more of their Twitter reactions below, and tweet your own @HuffPostWomen to tell us what you thought of the premiere.


How Women Reacted To The Mad Men Premiere