04/08/2013 10:59 am ET Updated Jun 08, 2013

Martin Bashir On Margaret Thatcher: 'Incredibly Divisive' (VIDEO)

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MSNBC's Chuck Todd and Martin Bashir seemed to be on two different planets when it came to discussing the legacy of the late Margaret Thatcher.

Thatcher died on Monday morning, prompting a huge wave of media coverage in both America and Britain. She was perhaps the most polarizing political figure of her generation, but Todd's summation had only kind words.

"It was Thatcher's tough, uncompromising style that endeared the British public to her, even years after she'd left office," he said. He then brought on the British Bashir, as well as the BBC's Katty Kay, to talk about Thatcher.

Bashir immediately laid into Thatcher. Calling her successful on the foreign stage, he said she had been "incredibly divisive" domestically, and had inspired "incredibly violent domestic strife and protest" thanks to her anti-union policies. He also said that her economic policies had unleashed a "flagrant, excessive and ostentatious pursuit of cash."

Speaking to Kay, Todd summarized Bashir's criticisms as "What Martin just referred to as her sort of stick-to-it-iveness" on her "principles."

When he had the floor again, Bashir continued his critique.

"She unleashed some of the worst race riots because of the excessively over-heavy policing that she encouraged in urban communities, one of which I grew up in," he said.

Todd made no reference to Bashir's comments, instead turning to her history-making role as Britain's first female prime minister.

Margaret Thatcher News Coverage
Margaret Thatcher News Coverage