04/08/2013 08:11 am ET Updated 5 days ago

Vivienne Westwood Was Pushing Fashion Boundaries Since Day One (PHOTO)

There are few designers who manage to make a name for themselves outside of fashion, and even fewer who become known as cultural beacons of their time. But Vivienne Westwood is the exception to just about every rule. The English fashion designer is not only known for bringing modern punk into the mainstream, but she was also awarded an OBE from Queen Elizabeth II, had a documentary made about her life in London and still manages to produce garments that shock and interest the fashion industry and public alike.

In celebration of Westwood's 72nd birthday (on April 8), we are taking a look back at an old photo of the British legend. In this 1982 portrait, we see the designer posing for the camera in London. In true Westwood fashion, she is sporting a bizarre ensemble, complete with bathrobe-esque dress and a furry red belt. It's difficult to conceive of Westwood without her signature flaming orange locks, but this quirky outfit makes it clear: this designer hasn't changed that much over the past thirty years.

vivienne westwood photo

Getty Images/Michael Putland/Contributor

Take a look back at some of our other favorite vintage snaps:

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