04/09/2013 05:56 pm ET

Anne Hathaway In 'Interstellar'? Actress Set To Reunite With Christopher Nolan For Secret Blockbuster

Anne Hathaway may have an army of haters after her on the internet, but that hasn't stopped Hollywood executives from knocking on her door. According to Deadline.com, Hathaway has signed up to co-star opposite Matthew McConaughey in "Interstellar," the next film from director Christopher Nolan. Hathaway and Nolan previously worked together on "The Dark Knight Rises."

This is the second high profile movie Hathaway has attached her name to since winning Best Supporting Actress at the Academy Awards in February; back in March, Deadline.com reported Hathaway had signed on for "Laggies," a comedy about 20-something woman in the throes of arrested development. Which film will arrive in theaters first is unclear, but "Interstellar," with backing from Warner Bros. and Paramount, is set for release on Nov. 7, 2014. As of now, "Laggies" has no calendar slot or studio distribution.

"Interstellar" was first reported on in 2007. Back then, Steven Spielberg was attached to direct, with Nolan's brother, Jonathan, on board to write the script. At the time, Variety noted that the project was based on "a scientific theory by Kip S. Thorne, a Caltech physicist and expert on relativity," who believed that "wormholes exist and can be used for time travel." According THR, which first reported "Interstellar" as Nolan's next project, the plot has remained similar: The film will follow a group of scientists who travel through a wormhole into another dimension.

For more on Hathaway's role, head over to Deadline.com.

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