04/09/2013 05:15 am ET Updated Apr 09, 2013

'The Voice' Blind Auditions: Cameron Brings Dance Moves The Coaches Can't See (VIDEO)

The final week of blind auditions kicked off on "The Voice," and it featured a contestant who may have missed the memo on the "blind" part of his audition. Cameron was a singer and a dancer, and he put a heavy emphasis on his dancing from the moment the music started.

Adam Levin summed it up pretty well when he extended his arms out in a gesture of confusion as the audience erupted into applause before Cameron had sung a single note. With their backs turned to him, the dancing was kind of a waste. And because they couldn't see what he was doing, the audience response was a little all over the place from the coaches' perspective as well.

More importantly, Shakira noted that the dancing was taking his breath away, negatively impacting his singing. That kind of thing might be forgiven by an audience enjoying the dancing, but not if the moves aren't being seen. Ultimately, no one turned around for Cameron. Usher's piece of advice for him: "You can’t dance out of key."

Buddy TV thought Cameron's take on a Justin Bieber song did make a bold statement. They wrote, "In an odd way he's protesting the concept of this show, because Bieber is the world's biggest star, but he doesn't need a great voice and probably wouldn't get any coaches to turn around. The music industry is style over substance." EW summed it up in a much more concise manner by simply saying, "Ouch."

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