04/10/2013 09:17 am ET

'Illusions' Video By Samm Hodges Explains The Phenomenon Of Optical Tricks (VIDEO)

How would you define the concept of an optical illusion? Filmmaker Samm Hodges attempts to explain the phenomenon in his new video, "Illusions," a dazzling survey of optical trickery that recounts visually confusing images like the Spinning Dancer and the Necker Cube.

The definition provided by Hodges and his video production team, Animal, is that mind tricks are "two perfectly valid truths, but you can't see both," he says in the video above. "Your brain will choose one and lock on it. That's the nature of illusions."

Check out the video for a trippy trek down op art lane. Accompanied by music from bands like Airhead and Fennesz and narration by Bingo O'Malley, a Leonard Nemoy voice doppelgänger, the six minute short film is a visual and auditory treat; the first of seven in a new series.

Optical Illusion Art