04/10/2013 08:54 am ET

'Up In Flames' Video Has Nicki Minaj All Moody

Nicki Minaj is back with a new video for her song "Up in Flames."

Minaj is shown walking through a dark home with a pout on her face and a black hoodie on her back, before sitting down to play the piano while wearing sunglasses. The video also features footage of motorcycles doing tricks, Minaj recording in the studio, and a less-than-subtle product placement shot of the rapper's perfume and cosmetics.

Minaj takes her standard boastful tone on the track, rapping, "I got a pool that I never even swim in / Airports that you b-----s never land in / They be like what you doing Nicki? Branding."

Later in the song, she adds, "When I fly you know G5 is the jet / I'm the motherf---ing Queen Elizabeth / Meetings with the president of every network / That is what the f--k I call how to network."

Minaj recently spoke about the track to MTV News, saying, "Like ‘Up in Flames,’ if a dude was on a that song with me, everyone would’ve talked about it and they would [argue] ‘who had the best verse’ but when I put a song out by myself...” she trailed off, before adding that the male-dominated industry has something to do with it. “[It’s] because men run the hip-hop game—let’s be honest, they’re the program directors, they wanna be able to rap stuff and they’re not gonna recite a female [verse], they just feel funny and it is what it is.”

"Up in Flames" is a track off of Minaj's 2012 album, "Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded – The Re-Up."

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