04/11/2013 05:20 am ET

'How To Live With Your Parents': Polly's Claustrophobia Leads To Extreme MRI Reaction (VIDEO)

Polly's parents got a taste of real parenthood -- apparently something her mother skipped out on when raising her -- on the second episode of "How to Live With Your Parents (for the Rest of Your Life)." After her stepfather Max convinced her ex-husband that he needed to stop helping her so much, Polly threw her back out training for a 5K.

With Julian staying away, as requested, it fell to Max and Elaine to step up and take care of both Polly and her daughter, Natalie. And they hated every minute of it. It's hard to imagine them ever raising a child. While they embrace the more fun aspects of being grandparents, all that responsibility quickly started to overwhelm them.

Sarah Chalke got to do some physical comedy, while revealing her character's terrible claustrophobia. A montage of her trying to avoid going into an MRI machine was one of the highlights of the episode. The strength of the cast is one of the reasons the show brought in more than 8 million viewers with its premiere last week. Another reason is that "Modern Family" lead-in.

The real question is how it will do its second week out, now that people have sampled it. Brad Garrett is hoping it becomes a hit that runs a long while. He committed to his role as a hippy grandfather by getting his ear pierced.

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