04/11/2013 05:39 am ET Updated Apr 11, 2013

'Nashville': Juliette Gets Caught Sleeping With Jolene's Sober Companion, Dante (VIDEO)

Things are not looking good for Avery on Juliette's tour. He was just doing his job on the latest episode of "Nashville," and he wound up in the crosshairs of Dante. Sure, Dante was technically Jolene's sober companion, but he'd also become Juliettes lover. And, somehow, he'd given himself the authority to fire people -- specifically Avery after he saw Juliette and Dante hooking up in her trailer.

Jolene found out about it, too, but not until after she'd made her own move on Dante. Juliette walked in on that, and lashed out at her mother. "You are unbelievable!" she shouted. "I did not bring Dante here to be your plaything. I brought him here to help you."

Jolene caught Dante and Juliette holding hands and realized what was going on. "You’re sleeping with him," she said. "And you call me disgusting?"

Dante had been neglecting his responsibilities as Jolene's sober companion anyway, as he focused more on Juliette's career. In the end, Juliette sent her mom back home to Nashville, where she'd wanted to go, and hooked her up with a new apartment and new female sober companion. She made Dante her new manager.

TV Fanatic doesn't trust Dante one bit -- that scene of him looking at Avery after Deacon told him to leave Avery alone was filled with menace and foreboding. TVLine's reaction to Juliette hiring Dante as her manager could be summed up in one word. "Oy."

Watch Dante flex his new managerial muscles on "Nashville," Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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2013 Renewal Index: Canceled, Renewed & On The Bubble Shows