04/12/2013 05:06 pm ET Updated Apr 13, 2013

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Howard University Lawsuit Takes Turn As Organization Accused Of Witness Tampering

The lawsuit against the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. chapter on Howard University's campus has taken an interesting turn as the organization is being accused of witness tampering.

Seniors Laurin Compton and Lauren Cofield made headlines when they filed a suit against the sorority, alleging human rights violations and asserting that their legacy status was ignored. The complaint, which was filed at the end of February, lists both young ladies and their mothers--who are both members of the sorority--as plaintiffs and accuses members of the chapter of forbidding Compton and Cofield from eating at a particular restaurant, wearing certain colors, wearing pearls and forcing the ladies to pick up sorority members from the airport.

As the litigation moves forward, Alpha Kappa Alpha has reportedly suspended the sorority privileges for the young women's mothers, Sandra Compton and Lessie Cofield. According to the plaintiffs, that move convinced Sandra Compton not to attend a hearing.

Although the judge Rosemary Collyer condemned the tampering as "deplorable," she did not sanction the sorority for tampering. J. Wyndal Gordon, the self-proclaimed "Warrior Lawyer" and attorney representing the plaintiffs took to his Facebook page with details of the judge's decision.

AKA SORORITY, INC. "GUILTY" OF WITNESS TAMPERING: "The Court finds that the actions of AKA were deplorable and inadvisable, as at least AKA's counsel now concedes, and had the impact of impeding testimony." Compton, et al., v. AKA Sorority, Inc., et al. And we're just getting started. --The Warrior Lawyer!!

The plaintiffs are asking the court either for money damages and for the sorority to be stopped from accepting new members, or for the sorority to be ordered to bring in Compton and Cofield as members.

However, the sorority has filed a memorandum to the court outlining why it shouldn't be stopped from taking in new members while this case is being litigated.