04/15/2013 07:02 pm ET

Flash Mob Marriage Proposal: Waiters Burst Into Song For Bride-To-Be (VIDEO)

The waiters at one English restaurant did more than serve food -- they also helped two lovebirds get engaged.

In a video posted to YouTube Wednesday, groom-to-be Rob enlisted the help of the Singing Waiters, a British singing group that dresses up as waiters and performs surprise flash mobs for diners, to propose to his girlfriend, Becky. As Becky sat at her favorite restaurant alone, waiters suddenly began singing a Broadway-style rendition of English band Elbow's "Mirrorball," the couple's favorite song.

After the song, Rob jumped out of hiding to pop the question, and Becky said "yes!" Watch the whole performance in the video above.

Flash mob proposals can happen anywhere, from restaurants to parks to shopping centers. In 2011, there was even a flash mob proposal in a London train.

Can't get enough flash mob marriage proposals? Watch 10 more in the slideshow below.

Flash Mob proposals

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