04/17/2013 05:45 am ET

'19 Kids & Counting': During Midwife Training, Jana And Jill Suddenly Have To Help Deliver A Baby (VIDEO)

The midwife training Jana and Jill were going through was unexpectedly put to the test this week on "19 Kids & Counting." The Duggar girls may have been learning to help deliver babies, but they didn't expect to be given a trial by fire. That's exactly what happened, though, when one of the training center's clients, Heather, went into labor.

The girls went right into action, though, looking cool and confident. All those births and babies back home clearly helped them keep a level head, which helped Heather through the delivery as well.

"I’d say, overall, the birth experience was really good," Jana said afterward.

Hollywood Life was proud of the Duggar sisters. "Despite all of the screams and palpable agony from delivery, the Duggar girls are not discouraged from continuing to study midwifery," they said. "Which is amazing, because someone has to do it!”

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