04/18/2013 02:50 pm ET Updated May 01, 2013

9 Awkward Double Standards From The Conservative Movement

On Wednesday evening, 41 Republican senators voted against expanding gun background checks. In doing so, they helped define the legacy of an expansive conservative movement whose 'small government' ideology has become increasingly confusing in recent years. For example, conservatives both oppose requirements for gun ownership but support a process that would force applicants for social services to submit to drug tests.

It's not the first time conservatives have sent mixed messages about how much government should involve itself in people's lives. Conflicting ideas about the role of government have sometimes made it difficult to understand what modern conservatism stands for, exactly.

Now, most conservatives admittedly don't advocate for both sides of the positions below. And while doing so wouldn't necessarily be indefensible according to conservative principles, it's hard not to notice the awkward contrasts that sometimes emerge when looking at examples from across a broad political ideology.

Take a look at a selection of conservative double standards below. Think we're missing good ones? Want to help us build our list of liberals' double standards as well? Submit your own examples by pressing the "Add a slide" button below.



Conservative Double Standards