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15 Beauty Moments From TV And Film We Will Never Forget (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

We at HuffPost Style may not be huge TV watchers or moviegoers like these guys. (We prefer to spend our weeknights shopping online.) But we'll gladly watch shows and movies that are laughter-inducing... and then watch them again.

From the episode of "Friends" when Joey gets his eyebrows waxed to that scene in "Sex and the City: The Movie" where Samantha calls Miranda out for her hairy bush, we've rounded up 15 TV and film offbeat (and slightly weird) beauty moments we'll never forget. Check them out below, then tell us what you'd add to our list.

  1. "Friends." Joey gets his eyebrows waxed.
  2. beauty tv film

  3. "Sex and the City." Samantha's chemical peel goes terribly wrong.
  4. beauty tv film

  5. "Clueless." Cher and Dionne transform Tai.
  6. beauty tv film

  7. "Girls." Hannah cuts her hair into a bowl cut.
  8. beauty moments tv film

  9. "Cosby Show." Vanessa gets caught wearing makeup to school.
  10. beauty tv film

  11. "Now and Then." Teeny wears stuffed bras.
  12. beauty tv film

  13. "Sex and the City: The Movie." Miranda boasts a hairy bikini line.
  14. beauty tv film

  15. "Kim and Kourtney Take Miami." Kim Kardashian undergoes a painful vampire blood facial.
  16. beauty tv film

  17. "Legally Blonde." Elle wins her first case based on a perm.
  18. beauty tv film

  19. "Clueless." Dionne accuses Murray of cheating after discovering cheap hair extensions in his car.
  20. beauty tv film

  21. "Real Housewives of Atlanta." Kim Zolciak removes her wig and reveals her real hair.
  22. beauty tv film

  23. "Grease." Sandy gets her ear pierced by Frenchy.
  24. beauty tv film

  25. "Coming to America." Soul Glo hair commercial.
  26. beauty tv film

  27. "Mrs. Doubtfire." Daniel (aka Mrs. Doubtfire) smears his face with cake frosting and claims it's a mask.
  28. beauty tv film

  29. "Malcom X." Malcolm Little endures a scalp-burning conk hair straightening treatment.

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We dare you to watch these beauty moments and not laugh out loud:

Beauty Moments From TV And Film

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