04/19/2013 03:19 pm ET

'Mixed-Weight Marriages': Anna Almendrala, HuffPost Editor, Opens Up On 'Ricki' Lake' (VIDEO)

HuffPost Los Angeles associate editor Anna Almendrala wrote a blog post in January about her struggle to cope with her "mixed-weight" marriage. On Thursday, Almendrala and her husband, Simon Ganz, appeared on "The Ricki Lake Show" to discuss how they deal with food in their relationship.

Almendrala said that she has struggled with her weight since she was a teenager, while Ganz can eat junk food without gaining a pound. As a result, they admitted that they've both hidden food from each other and have experienced some tension at the dinner table.

"Sometimes at restaurants, to keep up his weight, he'll do a hamburger, sometimes two, he'll do a milkshake," Almendrala said. "It's tough to eat the salad next to him."

But Ganz said Alendrala's weight doesn't matter to him at all, though it isn't always easy for him to understand her point of view.

"I don't care about how she looks, she's the most beautiful woman in the world. I wanted her to be happy," Ganz said. "It was a constant up-and-down battle of different diets and different things. It was sometimes hard for me to wrap my head around it because I didn't have any of the same issues."

Watch the clip above for more on how food has affected Almendrala and Ganz's marriage. Almendrala's blog was in response to Al Roker's book about his own mixed-weight marriage. He advised the "thin half" of a mixed-weight couple to "shut up" about their spouse's weight problems.

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