04/27/2013 06:23 pm ET

Best Tweets: What Women Said On Twitter This Week

We all have that song, the one we sing for years only to learn later that we've been singing the wrong words. Take, for example, one of the most famous misheard lyrics, "Hold me closer, Tony Danza." While this line would be a nice tribute to the "Who's the Boss?" actor, it is not, in fact, what Elton John is singing.

This week, several women confessed on Twitter that they either didn't know the words to famous songs or they intentionally change them. "All you need to know about me is that I thought the song was 'Secret Asian Man' until like, two weeks ago," Teresa Hsiao tweeted. Jennifer admitted the following: "When I was a kid, I thought Alanis was ranting about a crossed-eyed bear that her bf gave to her, and I was like, yeah what a stupid gift." And Dana Contreras told us just how creative she can be: "I will put pretty much any word with three syllables in place of 'turn around' in Total Eclipse of the Heart. Today's word is cantaloupe."

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Funniest Tweets From Women