04/24/2013 11:25 am ET Updated Apr 24, 2013

Jennifer Aniston Wedding Delay? Rumor Mill Claims Justin Theroux Nuptials Have Been Postponed

The rumor mill continues to churn out "details" about Jennifer Aniston's upcoming nuptials with Justin Theroux and the latest report claims she is postponing the ceremony.

The Daily Mail reported Aniston will delay her wedding until the summer because she has allegedly not been able to focus on planning while promoting her upcoming Lifetime movie, "Call Me Crazy: A Five Film."

"Jen and Justin have been totally relaxed about the wedding planning," a source reportedly told the Daily Mail. "They're looking forward to the wedding, but they have different ideas about the actual wedding itself. It's not to do with them as a couple, they're madly in love. Every time you see them they've got their arms around each other."

"Jen wants something bigger with all their friends, Justin would just like something a bit more intimate," the source added. "At this point, we're expecting the wedding to be at the end of the summer, just before Labor Day Weekend."

A recent piece by Grazia claimed the opposite. That report alleged Aniston found her wedding with Brad Pitt so "stressful" that she wants a low-key reception this time around, according to OMG! Yahoo! U.K.

In March, People magazine reported Aniston and Theroux have already designed their wedding bands and the guest list of the "small affair" includes the likes of Courteney Cox and Chelsea Handler.

Those details could be true, but the magazine also claimed a date had been set for shortly after March 8 -- when she wrapped filming on an upcoming Elmore Leonard flick in Connecticut. Now that it is already April 24, it's clear that info missed the mark.

Digging for facts in a muck of wedding-frenzied gossip might be hard, but one thing is for sure -- she doesn't know what she is wearing.

The 44-year-old style icon revealed at the "Call Me Crazy" premiere last week that she has not picked out her wedding dress yet. She also admitted that all the planning "might make [her] crazy."



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