04/24/2013 12:51 pm ET Updated Apr 24, 2013

Road Rage Incident Between BMW Driver And Bicyclist Caught On Video

The black and white video footage is grainy, but the Beverly Hills Police Department didn't need much resolution to see that an unbelievable act of road rage had just been caught on camera.

In surveillance footage filmed April 3, a white BMW car can be seen speeding toward a bicyclist in an alley. The driver in the car rams the bicyclist into the wall, then backs up and speeds away -- but not before the bicyclist latches on to the driver's window.

The BHPD released the video Tuesday with an appeal for the public to help police identify the driver, who was possibly driving a white 2008 BMW 328i.

The road rage incident begun off-camera and escalated when the bicyclist punched the driver in the face and the driver threatened to kill the victim, according to police. Then the driver followed the bicyclist into an alley on Wilshire Boulevard, which is when the surveillance footage begins.

The bicyclist sustained non-life threatening injuries and was able to describe the driver as male, Middle Eastern or white, in his mid-30s with dark hair, dark eyes and a thin build. Because the bicyclist claims the driver threatened to kill him, police are investigating the incident as an attempted murder case.

Investigators request that anyone who might have more information about the road rage contact Detective Eric Hyon at (310) 285-2156 or the Watch Commander at (310) 285-2125. To see how to tip the police anonymously, check out the BHPD's nixle page.


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